• The Everlasting Man
    G. K. Chesterton

    This is probably one of the finest pieces of literature in English. Both by the standards of literature and by those of wisdom. The book stands in great antithesis to H.G. Wells' Outline of History. Mr Wells lays out the popular history of western civilization which your young mind was most likley subjected to. Divided into two parts, Chesterton first lays out a brief rehistory of man and then of a peculiar man, of course, Christ. But it is never a mere historical apologetic. Never limiting himself to one discipline, he fills his canvas will all the elements of the rich reality which is our world. "Monkeys did not begin pictures and men finish them. . .It is not natural to see man as a natural product. It is not common sense to call man a common object of the country or the seashore. It is not seeing straight to see him as an animal. It is not sane."
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That Which Should Be Heard

  • Understanding Islamic Terrorism For the Love of Muslims
    David Witt/Mujahid El Masih

    The following is a loving truthful portrayal of the current and historical Muslim faith compared with that of Christianity by way of the Koran and the Bible.
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